i heard some great stories about this parade today

one guy i know shadowed one of the top LAPD cops, rode a few cars ahead of the team, walked around the stadium, was even in the lakers lockerroom before it all started

talked to another guy who went all the way above the stadium, and finished the day a few feet from the basketball court that they had laid out on the football field that doubled as the stage.

they both told me how much weed they smelled everywhere (which may have lead to lack of drama?).

but the most interesting story i heard was from bryan chan who told me how he created this panoramic image from the middle of the stadium minutes before the Lakers arrived.

and then he showed me the “errors” in the image which were so tiny i would have never noticed.

and for some reason thats what i liked the most.

it inspired me to gather my little camera so i can video interview him for you tomorrow.

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