today is anti’s birthday

hes 24.

one of the first really great bloggers, anti has influenced all of the great influential bloggers whether they’ll admit it or not.

his humor, his recklessness, his openness is still something many bloggers resist.

his foray into videos precluded youtube. his blogspot artistry knew no peers.

one day people will look back at southbay bloggers and probably (rightfully) raise xTx to the very top but she wouldnt be there without a good deal of trailblazing by todays birthday boy

happy birthday john wayne, one of the few men i know who could make an elvis/vegas wedding and pull it from the probable jaws of cheese and turn it into one of the coolest things ever.

needless to say the busblog would be a shell of itself without the influence of anti and his now defunct blog. but his legend lives on in the pages of buzznet.

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