tony, ok where were you the other night with karisa?

we were at a party for the marijuana policy project at the playboy mansion

it was probably exactly what all that means, plus even a little more.

the above video is from last years party there. smart and interesting people talking intelligently about a controversial topic at a controversial home with free food and open bars.

this year they had the state senator from frisco who’s trying to legalize it in Cali. they had the waterboy’s girlfriend faruza balik. and i even think i saw the hedgehog ron jeremy but at that point i had been drinking a little.

last year perry farrell dj’ed. this year the dandy warhols played and KG opened.

it was very sexy but cool. the vibe was probably exactly right. and according to those who went in the grotto, the water was quite warm.

there were people doing tricks with flaming whips, there were naked people in the grotto, there was hef and his twin girlfriends checking out some new calanders.

there were playmates giving tours of the grounds.

it was miles davis smooth and different.

karisa said it reminded her of disneyland.

seeing jay z and eminem at the beginning of the week and ending it up with being at this party at the end of the week is a great way to kick off the summer.

ok now i have to write about it for the pop n hiss blog. kbye.

update: heres the review

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