glenda is having a going away party in frisco this weekend

an excerpt:

Now, before you say “another one bites the dust” because YET ANOTHER PERSON IS MOVING TO NEW YORK CITY, let me remind you that I’m actually from there and not simply moving to New York because I’m some sort of traitor. I’m moving to the Bronx (yeah yeah yeah, not Williamsburg; man, that’s soooooo 2003) and going to grad school!


What to say, huh? I’m leaving the Bay Area for the East Coast, and I would really love for you, the All-Star Traveling Team, to join me for a night of truly epic, face-melting karaoke battles (like back in the Bay Area Nerd Core days when the scene kids weren’t all doing it).

So, let’s meet up at one of my favorite local SF haunts – {redacted}. (Which, by the way, is remodelling the space! How appropriate… since I’m working on Glenda-B Version 3.0. 😉 )

I’m going to get to knock off something on my lifetime “All-Time To-Do” list, and that is to drive from coast-to-coast, relying on almost nothing next to my own wits and fists. While I do that, I get to hit the two ballparks in Missouri that I’ve never been to (which would bring my total count up to 25 of 30 ballparks), and as you know, what is summer without baseball and crazy road trips, anyway? Not much of a summer, I’ll tell you that much. =P

The catch is this: As part of the All-Star Travelling Team, you will have to autograph a baseball (which I will provide), to commemorate any instance in the last 6 years of you guys pulling me out of fights, texting random gibberish, doing insanely retarded roadtrips, breaking my toe, and all the other fun/awkward/hilarious “Wonder Years” stuff that we share. I will not forget them, and I most certainly will not forget you.

I will take the baseball home with me to New York, where I will someday come up with a case for it, in addition to some sort of baseball metaphor that will cause me to look back on my time in the Bay Area fondly. (Hell, it lasts longer than signing a card, right?) If your name is on the ball, rest assured you will always have a place to stay in NYC that will not cost you $350 a night, but NADA! (I’m going to be living in a palacial 3-bedroom crib that has more than enough room for everyone!)


she and artie lange are the only people id ever go to a yankee game with.

photo of glenda at the “how to rawk sxsw” by preppypunk

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