the one promise about life is that it ends

so the question isnt what will you say in this life
its not what will you do in this life

its what you wont say

and what you wont do.

and why you didnt play that note. and why you didnt kiss that girl. and why you didnt tell the one you love that you love her.

elvis taught me so much last night

be in a country band. be in a classical band. be in a rock band. thats what he taught me.

but most of all be not only great at one thing, like songwriting

but be great at something else too, like singing.

he taught me its not about what it looks like, its what the end result is about. for example, who says you need a drummer.

likewise: why not cover a keefe song.

why not cover a new yorker’s classic tune with your country band, even if youre a brit.

he taught me that sometimes super special shows dont happen in a sold out house.

because, again, it doesnt have to look like how you think it has to look.

however a pinks hot dog should taste a certain way, like, not cold, for starters.

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