do you think tiger woods slept on the couch last night?

ran six miles.

saw a huge line of people waiting to get into a dance club.

two lines, technically. one line is for regular people, other for “vips”.

as the go! team says, everyones a vip.

but in front of the club was a cop car, a tow truck, and a rolls royce.

the rolls was being rolled into the back of the tow truck.

only God knows why.

do you know how much of life is a sell out, she asked

she asks the worst questions.

i put a blanket over my head. the lights were too bright.

i didnt want to look her in the eye as she probed into my head.

she turned on the tv and linkin park was announcing

that bon jovi was nominated

for a grammy.

and i put another blanket over my head.