watching sam jackson in jurassic park

Gage: I’ve felt like death for 3 days now. How do you make yourself feel better when you’re sick?

i puke it out. its the only way. someones the boss. rarely is someone else a better boss than yrself when it comes to yr body. so if something pukey is in tony he pukes it out and makes it terrible in there. i’ll drink a lot, i’ll smoke it out, but when i eat i eat soft things because im gonna hurl and doritos arent so awesome on the upswing.

Krista: what do you do about that special someone on your xmas list that has everything?

steal from them.

Ali M: Favorite album of ’09?

there were a lot of big names who released anticipated albums this year: Springsteen, Sonic Youth, Matthew Good, Morrissey, Dinosaur Jr., Weezer, Lily Allen, etc., but the two records that i listened to the most that came out in 2009 were from bands id never heard of before – Phoenix and Those Darlins. And of the two, i’d say Those Darlins was easily my favorite of the year.

Just Me: So have you ever been paid for a review (of anything) while on the Busblog?

ive been offered several times, which although flattering, was never what this blog was meant for.

i was paid, in sorts, to visit Amsterdam by the Dutch government. i was not given money, but a roundtrip plane ticket was arranged, excellent accommodations, use of a bicycle, and entrance to a few of the more popular museums. they were advertisers of my blog when i had ads via Blogads. the dutch government picked about 25 bloggers (like Dooce, Perez Hilton, etc.) and our only catch was we had to allowed to be interviewed after our week abroad. and we had to put up a dutch badge for a month or something. hardly what most people would consider payola. i call it awesome. and not just because it was the first time i met JustAGirl, but that was at the top of the list.

g/d: have the words ever not come easy?

my belief about writers block is simple: if you have writers block its because you dont feel comfortable writing about whatever it is that you are having problems writing about. so either you dont trust your audience or your medium, or you arent writing about the main thing in your head. partially because of the disclaimer on the busblog that “nothing in here is true”, i have been relatively free to write about whatever i want, however i want. and thanks to the invention of Secret Blogs, if ever im verklempt on the busblog, i just write whatever i need to get out somewhere else.

Keir DuBois: Of all the other Tonys in all the world, which ones did/do you look up to or admire? My own list of Keirs is not very long. 2nd question (under my real name this time): have you seen the excerpts from the crooked NBA ref’s memior? 3rd question (because you asked for it): is there an easy way to find old busblog posts that have scrolled away? I have tried the google but it mocks me. I know you can click the # for a list of previouslys below any given post, but is that the only way? I’d just wanted to re-read the one about Kareem and how he’s doing.

1. Tony Hawk has been able to maximize the thing that he loves into a lifestyle and a profession in a way that is classy and cool. Tony Hawk has never not been cool. and this new video game skateboard accessory just might take him to an even higher level. 2. no i havent. but i will check it out and report back. 3. while its true that the history of this blog is deeply fascinating, groundbreaking, and inspiring to one and all, i think its best for everyone to focus up on whats happening right now. thats symbolized in the absence of the archives in the busblog.

Andrea: How cold is LA in winter? Clearly, no snow, but I think I’d like that.

its so cold that you have to wear a cute jacket at night. when you go to sleep you might need a blanket. when it gets really bad you might have to turn the spaceheater up half way. ive never used my built-in-to-the-wall heater, and my fireplace is more adorable than practical.

David: would you renegotiate a prenup or cut ‘yer losses & make a clean break?

because i view the marriage sacrament as holy bond and a lifelong religious commitment, there would be no prenup to reup. but if i was tiger id payer now and live the life he clearly wants to rock.

PingzI: Excuse me,where you are?

i am at the crossroads of good n evil. i am on the tippytop of nothingness. i am in the nexus of tomorrow and yesterday. i am at the richest and poorest, punkest and poppest, i am where the caged bird squeals. where i are? i are in hollywood, california, usa. mayored by a Villaraigosa, governed by a schwarzenegger, and presidented by an obama. i are where the party be.