the jersey shore is the best show on tv

sorry mom.

her favorite show is the Mentalist

today i told her they had been filming at our building last week, and i had taken a picture for her,

she said “Wow!!!!! Simon baker is my favorite!!!!! I am watching reruns of the Guardian, also.”

24 has filmed there recently, and some of the new Playstation 3 ones, and Flash Forward…

i ran into Rihanna in the elevator a year and a half ago because she was visiting her boyfriend who was filming what is now called “Takers“.

wonder when that’ll come out.

Christmas in Little Armenia

theres a little section in East Hollywood called Little Armenia.

perhaps you saw the photo essay about the quaint neighborhood on LAist.

Little Armenia is my favorite hood in LA, not just cuz i have resided here for almost a decade but because its so diverse, so weird, so central, and so convenient.

and now i love it more because it is the subject of my newest favorite Christmas song and corresponding music video. enjoy.

h/t LAist

i dont like to call her my assistant

because thats gross but thats what everyone else calls her, and she calls herself that too.

but this morning i had something interesting happen that only occurred because of her influence.

Lindsay, pictured, right, is an animal lover. she is the brains and brawn behind our animal blog, Unleashed ( she is also a vegan. she is also an amazing fashion leader. she has also soldiered through sharing an office with me and now suffers through sitting next to me.

anyways lindsays influence is so strong that this morning as i was about to shower i noticed a huge potato bug on one of my sweat socks. usually a man would give such a discovery a pleasant squoosh followed by a flush and go about ones duties, but because i have softened to the point of charmin-levels, i took the sock, opened the window, and allowed the bug to crawl onto the window and saunter under the screen.

i shut the window, turned on the shower, and sang along to nirvana’s “School” (which is surprisingly funny to sing along to in the early morn).

when i was fully ready to leave the house i took a look at the bathroom window from the outside to see if the bug had procreated and left me with a family of little creatures. instead i found a dead potato bug on its back.

correct me if im wrong, but dont insects, especially the bug-type, have exoskeletons, and thus can withstand 4 feet falls?

yeah thought so.

anyways im thinking he was probably using my smelly sock as a coffin and when i woke it from its slumber o’ death, he said thanks but no thanks and jumped off into the great beyond intentionally landing on his soft spot and joined the big picnic blanket in the sky.

i took a picture of that, but i thought youd like a pic of lindsays hat and I Heart Pea Soup button instead.

remembering the past decade

– Google buys Blogger (Feb. 15, 2003)

i had never been on a panel discussion before. and there i was with two people from BoingBoing, the mighty Doc Searls, the Reverse Cowgirl, Heather Havrilesky, and Ev Williams the main man behind Blogger.

it was called “Live From the Blogosphere”. it was held in Chinatown.

everything was going well when Ev got up and clicked the laptop connected to the overhead projector to show us a website to announce the groundbreaking news: up n coming behemoth search engine Google was about to buy Blogger.

the room erupted in applause. there were gasps. and a few ladies fainted.

at the time many of us thought “oh good for Ev and his small band of geniuses, for now they will be rich.” (as Google was pre-IPO at the time, etc)

but little did we know that Ev and crew would turn that sale into Obvious Corp., which would turn into Twitter, and the rest is history the future.

The LA Times was there and for some reason interviewed me before getting to Ev. i told them who cares what i think, Ev is the man. without Ev there would be no busblog. still they insisted for a quote which i gave but later grilled them.

because the world is a strange place, of course now i teach people at the LA Times how to use blogs to better cover breaking news. And not just that but i encourage them to utilize Twitter. Currently we have over 40 blogs that consistently draw over 20 million clicks a month, and we have over 200 twitter feeds.

its safe to say that much of that revolution was set into motion in Chinatown when Ev showed us a link that said “holy crap” which lead to a news story announcing the bombshell, catapulting blogging (and Ev) to the next level.

holy crap indeed.