im thinking about a new ride

so i went to two dealerships yesterday

one guy wanted to charge me $20 to test drive a car

another guy wanted to charge me $100 more a month than what the car should cost.

when his boss, the closer, came out with the “what will it take to get you in this car right now” question i told him it would take him lowering my monthly payments from the super high level down to what, mathematically, it should be.

the boss said he would see if he could do it, and it would take 15 mins.

10 mins later he came back and said he couldnt do it.

but while he was “crunching the numbers” i talked to the original salesman who confided that business was bad and that very few customers were coming in and that even fewer came back after they said they were going to shop around.

so when i went home and crunched my own numbers based on a payment calculator on the website i realized that the reason no one was coming back to that dealer was that people were able to get significant “deals” if they went Any Where Else other than that place.

strangely that dealership wasnt as cheesy and gross as the first one.

so today im going to beverly hills and see how they treat me there.

just may come home with a new hoopty. although the tales are priceless. and could be something worth writing down.

3 thoughts on “im thinking about a new ride

  1. We bought a Ford Escape Hybrid last week at Vermont Ford, just south of Beverly. I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop because it was the most amazingly painless too-good-to-be-true car purchase I’ve ever conducted on top of getting a great deal without having to play much in the way of hardball.
    Looks like you’re eyeing a Chevy but just in case you’re interested they had a boss bitchin’ head-turner of a Mustang GT in the showroom that might be yours at the price you want.

  2. Holy ish… Now I just REREAD the last sentence to find the “may” that my sleepy ass missed. I’m just gonna shut up now and just wish you the best. Gah!

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