more questions answered from my formspring dealie

Q. What’s better Blogging Bull-pucky… or straight truthin’?

as you may have noticed the tagline of the busblog is “nothing in here is true”, and the busblog has provided me with pretty much anything any blogger could want: wine, women, and a good paying job.

i say set up your blog the way that will allow you to write as well as you can. for me that tag line allows me the right to flat out lie. do people always believe that line? nope. does it mean that people may not trust everything written on this site? sure – but who cares – you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the web (unless it’s from a trusted site like

but some people wont write Anything on their blog because they are afraid of the repercussions from their friends family or bosses. if thats the case then they should get a private blog and/or just write fiction. but for the most part, blogging can be an exercise about baring ones soul and being honest to oneself and the world. thus keeping it real and telling the ugly truth, to me, is the better way to blog.

Q. What are your top 10 directors of all time? (any time period, genre, country)

1. Stanley Kubrick
2. Buster Keaton
3. Alfred Hitchcock
4. Woody Allen
5. Spike Lee
6. Quentin Tarentino
7. Orson Wells
8. Akira Kurosawa
9. Spike Jonze
10. Andrew Blake

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