someone got bored and left me

a lot of questions on my formspringr

q. did you hear the latest? people in iraq had their first ever irish pub there after american troops left. they had a blast!

a. did you hear the latest? that joke bombed.

q. how many licks does it take to get to the centre of your heart?

a. i <3 how you canadians think its ok to spell like dirty frenchies.

q. only 2 days left in august. are you ready for september yet?

a. are you kidding – i have my calendar-flipping finger all lubed up and limber.

q. if you had a credit card with an unlimited spending limit, what would you buy first?

a. but you see, in your fictional scenario i’d still have to pay off said purchase, so nothing. i hate having bills of any sort. use cash bro. its in the bible. sorta.

q. what favorite food do you like to make these days with cheese?

a. i do everything i can so that i never have to make anything called food. if i cant get it via a drive thru or at a sushi bar i have failed.

q. light hearted conversation usually leads to laughter. are you able to laugh these days on a whim?

a. sure but its not heartfelt. its more of a nervous laughter. a creepy one.

q. in the circle of life, who is it in yours that is always a few sandwiches short?

a. those who leave formspring questions. zing!

q. how comfortable are you with your friends online that you have connected with out there in real as well?

a. there are those you want to sleep with and those you want to drink with. both sets i can handle for about 4 hours then i wanna be alone again.

q. if one of your friends in cyberspace was about to become homeless because of unforseen circumstances, would you let them stay with you?

a. probably not. i rarely enjoy having house guests, especially those who might not ever leave.

q. have you ever met really funny people while doing your laundry?

a. no. mostly super sad people because WE ARE DOING LAUNDRY AND DONT HAVE MACHINES IN OUR MANSIONS

q. what are some of the things you do on saturdays that open a new door to your boundaries of thought?

a. dude my thoughts have no boundaries. thats part of the problem/

q. what is your most funniest japanese phrase or saying.. ?

a. what have you people done with the forks!

q. name 3 things that are funny about yourself.

a. my double chins, my pregnant belly, and my funny bones.

q. would you like to come out for some cheesecake?

a. sounds cheesy

q. have you seen others out there of late trying to make a real difference for others? what has been the most inspiring so far?

a. i have met some people in the peace corps. i think i love them.

q. who is your favorite european artist? .. music wise.

a. the clash

q. what has been your favorite item of clothing from the Gap?

a. you just want me to say thong dont you

q. did you notice the tree’s are starting to change color already , yet!!!

a. did you notice you added an apostrophe for no good reason?

6 thoughts on “someone got bored and left me

  1. i was like, oh that sounds familiar….hmm. I had all these same questions asked on MY formspring! Weird! nice car first pic, and nice pic of Joey. hope you are good bro. will be out to LA later this year 🙂

  2. The Clash may be the best rock band ever. And having spent the last year with their collected work on heavy rotation on my iPod, Combat Rock emerges as the best album. It is rock and roll purity and also a great album, as I recall, to get baked to.

  3. That’s the reaction I usually get! But commit yourself to it and you’ll see the light. Don’t get me wrong, Sandinistas, London Calling, Give Em Enough Rope etc. Outstanding, all. But don’t hate on Combat Rock because of its commercial success. It bakes onto one 12-inch piece of vinyl three immortal anthems (Know Your Rights, Rock the Casbah and Should I Stay) with Straight to Hell, Ghetto&nbsp;Defendant, and Sean Flynn. As trippy, get stoned on a beach somewhere at sunset songs as you can find.

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