yesterday i was in the LBC to teach the children well

for the second summer in a row i was blessed with the honor of boring high school kids about the ins and outs of online journalism, focusing on the blogs of the LA Times

a program called Newspapers2 gathers some of the most gifted youngsters of California and brings them to Cal State Long Beach for a week of learning about newspapers, digital technology, and omg blogging.

last year i spoke for an hour and this year they must have either liked me or someone bailed out because they gave me an hour an a half as i told stories about life as the blog editor, an overview of the blogosphere, and what we’ve been able to do at the Times in nearly 3 years of my tyrannical reign.

little did i know but three of the students were dutifully taking notes so that they could write a piece about my lecture. apparently the entire group is putting together a newspaper for the week, or a website, or a blog – i dont really know, because as you know i get ridiculously nervous when i have to rock the mic in front of large groups.

but as i advised the future of america, every week you should do stuff that makes you super nervous, that way when you find yourself in front of people like Bruce Willis, Hugh Hefner, or that hot chica across the dancefloor you can fake it real-good-like and get the job done.

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