a bunch of my friends are Aquariuses so we party in February


we like to go to Castia de Castia or whatever it’s called because it’s central and they have a big room in the back and a back patio where all the kids can be loud and play and do shots without any of us “old folks” spying on them.

kidding! the children are actually selling beers to passing strangers at a discount.

kamikazisone of the kids, the oldest of the mcilvane boys is an excellent baseball player. i taught him everything he knows.

yesterday he was sporting a sweatshirt for a team he is on. i said The Kamikazes? he said yeah.

i said, i thought we lived in the politically correct Silver Lake / Los Feliz / Echo Park corridor, how is this possible?

the boy just looked at me.

i said, do you know what a Kamikaze is? before he could answer i interrupted, not a delicious drink.

he said, they are suicide bombers.

i was a little startled at how concisely he described it.

i said yes! yes!

he said, yeah someone got upset and we had to change the name. because our caps already had a K on it, we changed the name to The Kings.

which was interesting, because here in America, didn’t some of us defect from England because we didn’t wanna be ruled by Kings any more? Didn’t we want some representation to go along with the taxation?

and then i drove home trying to think of other names that started with K

The Kanyes

The Kickstarters

The Kombuchas

The Korean BBQs

The High Flying Kites

The Killer Kittens

The Kreepy Klowns

and then I realized yeah the Kings was probably the smart move.

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