i dont understand people who dont love hollywood blvd

super fanto me it’s the best street in LA by far

you’ll see people in costume, sunburnt euro tourists, homeless strangers, pickpockets,

businessmen, politicians, superstars, students, hooter girls, impersonators, commuters,

guys dressed up as thor

and even academy award super fans like this lady who i wanted to get to know but i was actually sorta in a meeting on the red carpet and i had to excuse myself and take a picture of her because


is the reason i love hollywood, hollywood blvd, and the scene around hollywood & highland

i love these people because theyre having fun in a place where there isnt very much to do.

sure you can shop and eat and look but you cant really do.

so people walk around and some of them think that this is what LA is and who knows maybe it is (it’s not) and its not really glamorous, in fact it’s kinda the opposite of glamorous most of the time.

but once a year some of the most glamorous people in the world dress up as great as they can and everyone watches it on tv and some people get super into it.

and if theres something i love its when people get really into something. so hats off to you oscar superfan lady.

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