when the vice president is back stage

biden gaga

and for some reason you’re back stage,

you’ll see well dressed big burly men in reflective glasses.

even indoors. even in the darkness of backstage. even at night.

and when you’re doing something normal like looking at lady gagas white piano

one of them might say to you, can we get a little space please.

and you’ll back up and you’ll hear and then see 3-4 more burley men walking with purpose

and then the vice president of the united states

who will turn to you and see that you are filming

and say, hi guy.

and behind him will be 3-4 more men

one of them carrying a small bag, inside is something square.

a toaster? does the vp enjoy special toast?

an extremely thick book?

two boxes of air jordans?

or, is it a telephone that cannot get hacked

that goes straight to wherever the president is?

or is that really The Button? is The Button actually a box?

if something happens to the president,

is it important for the VP to be able to push the button in a split second?

these are the things that i think about when i see things.

which is why i should probably get some rest now that our show has aired.

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