im trying to get that uber bonus again


two weeks ago i hit the goal and got the $500 bonus for doing over 75 trips.

this week they upped it so you have to do 100 trips to get the $500.

in the small print they say of your 100, you can only do 15 rides at USC so i went there to find out if it was really that easy over there for short rides and sure enough i found this fascinating trend.

theres a semi-luxury apartment complex where 100s of students live on west adams. and on Fig theres a row of fast food joints.

if the students can afford to live in the complex they can certainly afford the $4 ride from Panda Express to their home 0.48 miles away.

usually uber drivers would be frustrated with such a short ride but when youre trying to rack up as many as you can, they’re little blessings.

i got three of these last night and in the final one i asked the two young men where they were from. China.

i asked, how do American girls compare to Chinese ones in China. one said he prefers mainland Chinese ladies the other said USA USA.

then i said, of the Chinese girls at USC do most of them want to date American dudes or do they love the fact that youre from China too? they both said they prefer native Chinese dudes.

so as they left i said, dont do drugs, stay in school, but they didnt really know what i was talking about so they said, you too!

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