more book ideas

i sorta wanna make it an e-book.

shouldnt we be saving the planet?

why am i making a thing that needs paper and ink and a truck to ship it places

and then me to ship it places.

is an e-book “as cool” as a real book? no. of course not.

i need to talk with coulter about this.

real books are way cooler because of narcissistic reasons: it’s killer to see your name on a book shelf, tangible things are something someone could pass to someone, or people could find it decades later.

but i do so few good things for the planet, if this is just one nice thing i could do, i should probably do it.


any way i think i wanna call it

be right out

i did a lot today

transcribed the first 1/3 of wednesdays podcast, which i rarely do this early in the week

did most of the dishes

did laundry, watched most of church will watch the rest now

and i called out the head of the la times bc his staff weirdly missed the lede of this story

that purports the way to get from woodland hills to eagle rock is the 110

when it’s actually the 101 to the 134.

i told him the reason Hear in LA is so vital is because

even the very smart people at the award winning paper

couldnt possibly know all the inner workings of the neighborhoods

which is where my podcast comes in.

he probably wont take it the right way but sometimes you gotta shoot yr shot

ok now back to church

ive decided i will write a book about driving around LA

probably shouldnt call it an uber book bc who knows if they’re take me off the platform for writing about it, even though as an independent contractor, they should have no rights to do anything towards me as long as i don’t reveal anyone’s personal info and name

but still. i should include other trips ive done that werent on the platform. i have a few stories. including one where amber called me from her hotel and said a guest had accidentally left luggage behind, and could i drive to vegas right then for $400.

i said yes and half way through the journey i wondered, what if im smuggling hundreds of pounds of coke or something.

anyways the only thing that keeps me motivated about this book is the overwhelmingly positive reaction i get on FB any time i post stories, and the nice feeling i get thinking that this is just the style of bukowski talking about any of his jobs.

just matter of fact, but btw look how insane all of this is.

it flows very easily. it’s nice.

i want to do 64 stories in the book,

because thats how much drivers get per mile.

sixty four measly cents.

uber gets the rest.

do i really have a blog?

theres been a lot of things happening with this thing, which is why i havent written here.

but i guess it works now. this is the longest ive gone without blogging regularily

and one of my rules is dont blog about not blogging and dont apologize for it

just get on with it, so fine.

today im thankful bc its thanksgiving, but im always thankful

im thankful that i can just say ECHO PLAY LED ZEPPELIN EVERYWHERE

and zeppelin music comes out from all of the speakers in my humble abode

im going to a thanksgiving dinner held by a friend ive known over 30 years.

such a talented dude who has lived his life the way he would have wanted to since he was a lad

and i guess in a weird way im sorta doing that right now myself, maybe for the first time in a long time

my cars in the shop so i gotta chill for a few days

which might be just what the doctor ordered

Some are worried about a Civil War

What these geniuses should be worried about is abolishing Social Security and Medicare right as Gen X – who have been screwed decade after decade – is starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel.
We drank out of water hoses, walked home from school alone, never wore seat belts or had air bags, knocked on the doors of strangers for a variety of reasons from fundraising to collecting newspaper debts, were the first generation worse off than our parents. Survived AIDS, two Bushes and COVID.
If there is one generation you do not want to mess with, because it knows how to get back at you in creative and ruthless ways, it is the generation who intentionally drank Coke right after downing Pop Rocks.
I pity the fool who wants to poke the Slackers to see what we are made of. We are made of coat hanger antennas, heavy metal parking lots, and unyielding vengeance.

yes its been about a month since ive last posted

the site was broke. it took poor mark a while to figure it out but thankfully he identified it.

we had some cooperation with Canada and bing bang boom we are back on the air.


my name is tony. i am a podcaster.

i support the podcast by driving Uber.

over the last month or so i have been driving full time. it’s been pretty fascinating bc i wake up as early as i can in the morning and do as many rides as i can before rush hour.

once traffic gets bad i try to hide out in neighborhoods where i wont have to go to busy intersections or get on freeways.

once everyones at work i try to find places where people are bopping around doing errands or buying diamonds or something.

ive been getting a lot of students (as young as 12!), teachers assistants, nurses aides, and of course tourists. i try not to drive in the dark but now that daylight savings time is over thats gonna be harder to do.

i dont like the dark because its hard to see addresses on buildings and i worry about accidents and weird things. the other night i was working on finishing up a bonus and there i was in the nighttime in Hollywood and i was all, i need to get home. i got home. got the bonus. alls well, but i may have to start waking up even earlier, like 4am, so i can be done by 2 or 3.

the problem is 3pm-5pm is a great time to drive because none of the part time drivers are on the road then. they’re all at their real job, so surge prices kick in and i have my pick of whatever trips i want. but i also dont wanna be driving for 10-12 hours because its not good for my hands, arms, and back, all of which have been cooperating bc God is good and loves me.


today i have two interviews for Hear In LA. When im done i need to get the blog post started for Wednesday’s episode which is a wonderful woman who is about to come out with a book on Cults.

Monday and Tuesdays are my days off from driving but i need to do podcast things on those days. so i really dont have any days off. which is fine bc LA Taco is stealing, LAist is sorta stealing, and who knows who else will crawl out from under a rock to see if they can challenge what Jordan and I are doing.

But here’s the thing: they cannot really compete, even though they have way more money and people. They can’t compete bc its a job for them. something they do for money. im doing this out of love. Also i created this whole thing and they know they’re copycats.

John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band may have had a hit ripping off Springsteen but it was just ONE hit and Bruce went on to make many many more.

don’t be a Beaver Brown Band. life is too short. be original. do what you truly love. and no one can touch you.

i deleted this post on medium. im not sure i feel about it

things people told me in my car today

i do rideshare in LA. i love it bc of the ppl

a woman in her late 60s (pp tell me everything, even on short trips) told me about catching COVID in 2020.

she said she was really scared of dying, but hung in there. sadly food doesn’t taste as good as it used to,

and she can’t smell poop.

three young marines who just ended their end of the bargain were headed to ucla to chat it up with the coeds

one had been to afghanistan, one to europe, and one remained stateside the whole time.

sarcastically i asked the first two if they looked down on their buddy.

one said, i wouldnt wish ptsd on anyone. im glad he didn’t have to see it.

i asked the one who was in afghanistan what the girls looked like.

sir, most of them were covered head to toe, but sometimes we did raids, early when everyone is sleeping. princess jasmines. all of them.

got a guy with a cast on his foot. he broke it while playing ice hockey at the rink in the valley. skate got caught in the boards.

he said it was unbelievably painful but he knew an ambulance all the way to cedars would be expensive so he had his buddy drive him.

when they got there they said it would be an 8 hour wait bc it wasnt life or death and they were slammed with some craziness.

so his buddy drove him home, his wife gave him a dozen asprins and he was so exhausted from being in pain he slept like a baby.

got a guy whose producing a horror film with a vulgar title. as we drove he showed me the trailer. looks great.

picked up a girl at a frat house. couldnta been prettier. 8am. drove through campus to her sorority house. hows the food in there, i ask.

mmmmmmmm she smiled.

did a lot of things today

best of all was publishing episode #69 of Hear in LA

where a fantastic actor and podcaster told me about burning man, ketamine, and boofing 

then as soon as i did that i needed to hurry to write a recap of the six hour LA taylor hawkins tribute show

bree asked me last minute, but early in the morning i saw Joey Maloney had taken some 

beautiful photos outside

and inside the forum

so i texted him to see if he had shot it for anyone

(no, he shot it on his $2k point n shoot)

so he said as long as i link to his IG we could have it

so then i only had an hour to write it and i hurried and time pretty much gave me a break and i was able to whip it out right on time.

i asked for 15 extra minutes to upload joeys pics and do some touch ups

but there it was!

then i drove one trip for Uber

i didnt wanna do too much, just pay for my lunch

because Tomorrow uber changes everything

and they will allow us to see everything about the ride

and let us decline as many as we want

you know, like as if they werent our bosses

which technically they are not.

the young lady on the far left posted this pic yesterday

it’s one ive never seen before, and even though Isla Vista was a pleasant blur, I sorta remember that day

i was new. i didn’t know anyone. i was in the dorms. i was a transfer student coming into ucsb in the winter quarter. everyone had met and befriended everyone, but not me.

very quickly everyone was super nice to me, a trend that would go on all my time there.

they said hey we are all driving to a chinese restaurant. i was all, sure i’ll go.

the guy in the long hair and green sweater would eventually become my roommate. we had each been assigned these wild water polo frat boys who i tolerated but drove John crazy, so we traded roommates after a few months. he was into punk rock, the replacements and good books. i ended up annoying him too but we had respect for each other.

the young woman i dont remember at all but she not only remembers me clearly but swears we hung out more than i remember. over the last few months she has been a patreon of my podcast.

of not are my glow in the dark leopard print Converse hi tops which i got at the Converse outlet on Westwood Blvd near UCLA. back then the Village was poppin and brands often experimented with short runs of things to see if the kids would like them.

after i went nuts on facebook over the pic she posted this one from that same day

thats me at 21. very few pics show me that close up at that age. who knows what happened to that sweater. it disappeared like the hair 🙂

i have had such a blessed life surrounded by the coolest people who have always been so nice to me. i thank God for the experiences i have had. pics like this blow me away because we took so few photos back then and i am shocked when some surface knowing people have had these for decades,

now i wonder what else is out there.

theres nothing i love better than to be proven correct

partly because we are constantly trying to make the correct decisions

and those are based on assumptions we are making that either patterns will continue

or a hiccup in the routine is due.

when it comes to social media i know exactly what something means

if a brand puts a warning on its facebook page, for example

it means the social media person has no clue what theyre doing

or it means their boss told them to do it because he has no clue what social is.

i’ll explain briefly what social media is: it is a street fight with no rules and invisible foes.

and lots of them.

so if you are, say, a social media omg director, and you tell people in the wide open public that

social media is hard

then the foes will know you dont know how to fight in this jungle

which means you will make all the rookie mistakes.

brands, btw, are not allowed to fight in public. its a bad look.

which is why great social media brands ninja that shit.



with no paper trail.

bro is just flailing, making a mess, banning and blocking furiously.

sometimes i forget im so much older than the kids

sometimes i forget that they didnt see the rise of all of this, first hand, in the front row.

so they are reacting

instead of directing.

sometimes i forget not everyone is in the jobs they are best suited for

and that can make them anxious and self conscious and riddled with imposter syndrome

and thats when i would say

life is so short.

if you are faking it, and you know you dont love your path, then change it.

do the thing that you arent a terrified phony at.

do the thing you omg love even if you cant be the director of it

even if you have to start all over again at the bottom.

bc i’ll tell you this, people at the bottom who love the thing, rocket to the top.

in college i was a fine sports editor

but i had an assistant who was great. maybe the best.

i stepped down for her because it was just so obvious.

she ended up being a pro journalist for decades and even a college journalism instructor for a bunch of time – because it was the thing she loved.

stop fucking around, do the thing you love, quit the thing you suck at.

throwing basic bitch links on basic bitch stories is not hard

neither is moderating a facebook thread.

go start your OF