oh today me and my buddy Damon

went to hang out in front of the Winn Dixie and we saw these girls and one of them was all ‘oh shit aren’t you that guy from round oak central?’

and we were all LOL it wuz pretty cool

then we listened to tool it wuz awesome.

tomorrow im going to a hip hop show at one of my favorite hide outs.

in the xbi the best way to hide out is in plain sight.

alot of the fellas are security guards or meter maids.

me, i like to volunteer at the library or check i.d.s at the viper.

and sometimes those little clubs co-op a gig with a big studio or company or organization.

the thing is, you usually dont bring someone from the xbi into one of your hideouts. but i know how much danielle loves rap.

im going to miss her a great deal.

yesterday she saw how sad i was that she was leaving, so today she wore a plaid mini skirt for me cuz she knows its my favorite.

bananarama said a mouthful when they said its a cruel summer

she couldnt even look at me, nor i she

we made promises of train trips to tj but theyre just pretty things to say

she turned a gay guy straight today i saw it with my own eyes.

and then i went over to the Winn Dixie with Damon and we met those girls and one of them smelled like danielle and i was all is that spirit by chanel and she was all no laughed and snorted

life isnt fair

be glad yr not here.

scary shit (first read the intro) + via in search of utopia + baby i loved napoleon dynamite

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