dumb_me: hi rockr

karisa: tony!

karisa: did you have a nice evening?

dumb_me: i think so

dumb_me: that was so long ago

karisa: haha- yes it was!

karisa: i had a funny evening!

dumb_me: how so?

karisa: well my roomie called me and she had 2 tickets to some ‘women rock’ show.

karisa: we didn’t know who was in it- but we went anyway.

karisa: at the wiltern.

dumb_me: damn!

dumb_me: i passed that yesterday

karisa: it ended up being blondie, kelly clarkson, en vogue & shirley manson.

karisa: with vivica a. fox as the mc

dumb_me: yes!

karisa: no!

karisa: blondie was so bad.

dumb_me: no!

karisa: she looked like hilary clinton from where we were sitting- but in a really trashy outfit.

karisa: it was for a taping- so it was slow & boring.

karisa: and it was SO hot in there!

karisa: it was funny all around though.

dumb_me: how was en vogue?

dumb_me: do they still got it?

karisa: there were only 3 of them- but yes, they do!

dumb_me: was kelly clarkson any good?

karisa: she is a good singer.

dumb_me: was it hot in there cuz of all the lights?

karisa: last time i was there it was insanely hot too.

dumb_me: it wasnt super hot when we saw zwan

dumb_me: i wonder what the deal is.

dumb_me: clearchannel owns the wiltern, maybe theyre being stingy with the a/c

karisa: last time i went it was hot too.

karisa: over 1/2 the audience left b/c it was so hot up there.

dumb_me: what show was that for?

dumb_me: flogging molly?

karisa: dropkick murphy’s.

karisa: floggin molly is playing next month though.

dumb_me: was vivica foxy?

karisa: well i saw her in the press line when i was walking in and he had SO much make-up on- but she was hosting a television special, so i am sure that was why.

karisa: she did a great job hosting though and changed her outfits a lot.

karisa: i was praying blondie would follow her lead.

karisa: no such luck.

dumb_me: was shirley manson good?

dumb_me: did she do any cover tunes?

karisa: i only saw her do a duet w/blondie- like i said- i didn’t stay for the whole thing.

karisa: she looked good though- she looked like a rail next to blondie- and she looked about 20 from where i was sitting.

karisa: poor blondie.

karisa: she dances like someone’s mother too.

dumb_me: yikes

karisa: she should just rock-out w/a microphone stand.

karisa: i feel bad talking shit- b/c i loved blondie.

karisa: but whoa.

october is breast cancer awareness month + WomenRock + breast cancer research foundation

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