rarely will a day go by when i dont listen to a ramones song

how weird is that?

never have i ever said that they are my favorite band. not that i dont respect them. of course i do. i love them. love.

i saw the ramones play one time. in a little place in isla vista called the Anaconda which is now a small lecture hall at ucsb.

they had their jackets and black pants and striped shirts and they kept their legs apart and joey sang at us through his hair and sunglasses and ripped through 40 songs in an hour.

one two three four


theres a deeper level to the songs. theres also a sweetness. but live there was a power that i didnt expect from the old guys.

last night founding member Johnny Ramone died after fighting prostrate cancer. he was the lead guitar player of a band not at all known for any guitar solos.

are there any guitar solos in ramones songs?

21 albums and i cant remember one solo. but it’s cool.

without the ramones you wouldnt have the donnas. without the ramones you wouldnt have U2 bono tells us, but we all know he lies. without the ramones you wouldnt have the thousand garage bands that turned into your favorite bands.

the ramones taught us that you could keep it simple, that you didnt have to be pretty, that you didnt have to be the best singer, drummer, or lead guitarist.

they taught us that what mattered was the band.

they kept it real through and through and for that reason i keep them playing in my iPod and boombox and up here in chopper one.

and cuz their music is classic.

they will be missed.

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