i posted a topic for discussion on Metafilter

before I went off to lunch, and when I came back, it had been taken down. That makes me feel creepy. And now I’m disappointed, cuz i like that site.

I said, “Barry Bonds tied Mark McGwire’s home run record last night, how do you feel about it? Personally, I hope he slips in the shower before tonight’s game.”

Do the brilliant webmasters at Metafilter think that because I write an opinoin, it will somehow come true? And what if I really do feel that way – which i do, by the way – am I not allowed to have my feelings? Anyway, as a wise man once said, “if you’re not getting censored, you’re not trying.” Amen to that, Sonny I.V.

i get a lot of mail and i love it all

and i apologize for not replying quicker, but if you must have an answer fast, it’s good to try me at my hotmail account, psycho, i know.

the biggest compaint that i have received this week is that i dont write much about commuting, here, on this alleged Bus Blog, and i havent been filling you in on the juicy details of Tall Skinny Girl, who i did ride with – and ignore – during my morning bus/train journey yesterday.

this morning, however, i got a super late start and i didnt get to Vermont/Sunset until 8:38 – way too late. magically the train arrived and got us to Wilshire/Vermont just in time for the Wilshire/Western train to pull in a tad early – another miracle occured when that train actually WAITED for us to run down the stairs. Still I had to get to work in about 10 minutes or be late!

we emerge from the subway and i contemplate taking a taxi the 13 blocks but an empty-ish red Rapid bus arrived and i hopped on it. Get off two stops later at Wilshire/LaBrea walk a block and theres the orange 21 right on my heels. How do i deserve such convenience? It drops me off right in front of my secret office building, i get in the elevator which sports one of those cool flat screen tv-like deals that tells me how my stocks are doing, but most importantly the time. it’s always time to get ill, but especially when it reveals that i am only ten minutes late – quite a feat: GOD BLESS YOU MTA!

(now do you see why i keep the commuting news to a minimum?) in other news, i noticed that many subway riders are now wearing earplugs to lessen the pain as the cars screech between Wilshire/Beverly en route to Wilshire/Vermont. who says Los Angelinos will sacrifice usefullness for image? not so underground, they look like dorks but at least they dont have to clean up the blood off their shoulders from their savaged ear drums.