back in march

my very good friend karisa told me not to be afraid of being single, that i’d have a good time and i wonder if she knew that thered be nights like last night where tsar rocked in a way that we havent seen in quite a while and everywhere you looked at the sold out spaceland there were super good friends and totally hot chicks. like everywhere. a couple of them flew out from carolina and ended up at my house showing me their tattoos and insisting that they had been to this very website. and all was good in the hood.

even after the shots of goldshlager. even after the bud light. even after everyone cleared out.

even after the photos were taken, even after the upset stomachs were soothed, even after the neighbors didnt complain for throwing an after concert bash at my humble abode in hollywood the beautiful where the toughest desicion of the night is wondering whether to ask said carolinians if they could remove their boots and heels cuz the noise it was making on the hardwood floors would certainly wake the neighbors – if not the scientologists – but then deciding that you’re only middleaged once, leave em on, ladies, and sometimes life is better than you deserve it to be.