has a masters in art. after noticing in isla vista that he was always taking little sly pics at parties, i became interested in taking pics myself. he has an amazingly talented wife, who is very cool, a killer house and is the best unsigned guitarist in all of los angeles. so, who better to copy?

oh, and he just posted his pics from kim and ken’s birthdays. and from his trip to the Getty right before the Tsar show last monday.

one of those olde school french guys

said that Want is the root of sufferring. i say it’s lack of friends. last night i got to hang with some very cool people who i used to work with who seemed way more like friends than coworkers. and everyone looked better than ever. and even though i brought my camera i didnt take it out cuz some nights you should just be with people and chill – otherwise you end up with pics like the one on today’s front page. ha!

afterwards me and karisa were doing cartwheels down 6th street in santa monica and she pointed out the fact that i do mine lefty, something i never knew before. see, kids, you never know when youre going to learn valueable information – or where.

major props to cormac who paid for my drinks (kamakazi’s and beers), francesca who organized the mini-reunion, and “Cherrie” who slipped me her phone number while i was waiting to get into the men’s room. when i have a life, the website suffers, so my apologies, but i hope you can understand.