only got three hours sleep

on wednesday night, so i was planning on getting a bunch of sleep last night when my buddy Chris called me on my secret phoneline to tell me that the guy that details his car totally gave him some primo laker tickets. since im only about 6 subway stops away from Staples, i said hell yeah. it’s really interesting how relaxing a preseason basketball game is. maybe it was the good company. we’re really good friends after all these years, even if we only talk to each other every now and then. maybe it’s cuz we both live such simple, quiet lives.

lots of fake boobs in the good seats and lots of people with the fake boobs who cover them up and walk fast up the aisles when it becomes obvious that hundreds of spectators are checking out the silicone. ive never understood this. you spend thousands, you wear low-cut clothes, your things are well beyond double-d, you’re sitting practically courtside – why are you suddenly embarrased because guys named Tony are looking at you as opposed to guys named Kobe?

best sign at Staples was on the cool bar right next to the beer taps: 24 oz Corona $10. it looked like someones kid printed it out from a bubble printer. i wondered if the sign was an advertisment, an apology or a warning. i considered it a disappointment. i consider that business gouging. i know we’re all cash money millionaires enjoying the pimplife, but let’s try to not be so tacky. the price on the tickets that we held said $78. parking was $15, needless to say the few kids that i saw in our section – surprise – were all on their cell phones. one kid had a Troy Aikmen jersey. life is nuts.

that really is Seal courtside next to the laker girls.

i got to sleep around 3am last night, if you’re scoring at home. and if you are, congratulations.

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