theres a small private college near my home

that i volunteer for a few nights a month.

i tutor some of the girls in English.

it’s an all-girls private college.

I have signs up that say Play Scrabble, Learn English. It’s a Scandinavian private school and even though they can speak our language pretty well, their vocabulary and spelling isn’t what it could be, so i take time out of my busy schedule and help the dear souls.

the other night i nearly cancelled cuz i really wanted to go on a date and i was pissed that i had scheduled a Scrabble night with two of the gals.

they came over, dressed in their uniforms, sat down, and immediately started telling me how sexually frustrated they were. i considered this a tactic to get me distracted from my Scrabble-face and i politely changed the subject.

then they told me that they had both just visited the student health center and they were clean as a whistle.

i turned on some music and we began our game.

I bring this all up, because I might have misread this article this morning, but is it true that the President of the United States declined letting the Taliban hand over Osama Bin Laden because it wasn’t done in manner in which he wanted it?

Are we both so plagued with tunnelvision that we don’t know how to accept what it is that we say we want because it doesnt look the way we think it should look?

What exactly is wrong with playing Scrabble after a nice little menage? Is it any different than the Taliban handing over Osama to a third country – and not Fed Ex’ed to D.C?

Well, just like our President, this morning I discovered that I may have lost more than just the little game. I’ve lost my fool mind.