best part about Halloween

is I can wear my FBI clothes and pretend that I’m a reluctant undercover FBI agent. i’ve got my black FBI undershirt with the seal, a radio with an ear piece, sunglasses, and a black hat that says FBI. i like costumes where you dont have to explain to people who you are.

someone flowed me the latest Thor Garcia novel and i’m a really slow reader but i’m totally savoring this book. i blazed through 75 pages of Ham on Rye and I had to put it down because Tund had not only arrived, it had arrived. Tund is a masterwork and i’m not exaggerating. it sits on your lap and it snickers at you as you read along. it repeats itself because it knows what needs to be repeated. it takes its time, it works it out, it swaggers down the street and looks people in the eye because it knows better, it understands. it gets it. fuck. im always amazed at what Senior Garcia can do with the thesaurus and it’s always funny as hell.

hard to believe that the best american novels this year can only be found in Australia and the Czech Republic, but life is funny like that. not funny ha-ha. well, sorta funny ha-ha. i had a better ending to today’s story about the goth chick but what can you do.

usually the end of October depresses me, but even MJ coming back rusty and not perfect couldnt get me down. im a lucky boy. this old lady said good morning to me. this other old lady was singing at the bus stop. it rained yesterday and washed out a lot of the crap and you can really tell today. even gorgeous cities like Hollywood need a little wash down every 180 days or so and yesterday we got ours.

im giving blood today after lunch.

169,000 hits this month. Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks matt, ken, ashley, emmanuelle, greg, amy,, thanks,,,,, dumbmonkey,, boingboing,, and everyone else that helped out on the hits. it’s much appreciated. seriously.


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