Happy Birthday,


Tall Skiny Girl snuck on the bus early, not trusting the Wilshire/Western train, silly girl, it came on time.

ive been eating like an idiot. my tummy is not ready for reverting back to cereal for dinner. regardless what the ladies think when my shirt’s off, im not as young as i usedto be.

last night i did not see Tsar. i stayed home with plans on going to sleep early but the phone kept ringing off the hook. i sorta like having the old fashioned answering machine instead of the voicemail job cuz i can screen my calls, but i hardly ever do that unless it’s bill collectors. i love my friends. and my mom calls a bunch and thats nice. my sister’s pregnant. thats cool.

i sorta wanna write something to the Taliban, telling them that theyre wasting their time messing with us, but i would only do it for ratings, i doubt they could understand my quasi-English.

More and more people are finding work in Santa Barbara, and it’s tempting as hell.

On a scary note, i read from the Daily Nexus that there have been seven rapes in I.V. this year so far. WTF, people! If you are a boy and you want to get with a girl in IV here’s what you do: stand on a corner and say hi to people. Trust me, you’ll get laid. Now either get it together, or quit the frat, but dont make me move up there and join the Red Alert.

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