i’m out sick

i think i have allergies. eyes red, sneezing. feel like heck. shall crawl to the drugstore for benedryl and kleenex.

a very nice person sent me a dollar on my quest to get a car. we’re only $22,332 away. right on, people.

got home from the drug store to see that a very very very nice *friend* sent me $20! on the quest to get a car. this is great, of course, but it breaks rule #2. if you are a friend of mine, or have met me in person, or have chatted with me on the internet, i would prefer it if you just told someone else and send them this link: https://www.paypal.com/xclick/business=paypal@tonypierce.com&item_name=Car+For+A+Stranger&amount=1.00&no_shipping=1

but thanks! we’re only $22,312 away! whoo-hoo!

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