this just in: has just learned that people puked at Denis and Sandy’s wedding!

Q. how could this be? A. there was lots of booze and lots of mexican food and lots of laughing and plenty of beach in which to either slip away and mack or slip away and yack. here’s who did the latter, thanks to our inside sources: J. Frances at Elsie’s, M. Danner at their hotel room, and Shira felt inclined to yak for some time, but did not, and quickly sobered up. im sure the list was longer, but the fellas are more sly with their upchuckings, apparently.

yes this is more information than you probably hoped for, but i am making up for the lack of info that these all-news stations are giving us regarding this so called war on drugs, or evil-doers, or communism, or whatever they call it this time.

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