Happy President’s Day

Good thing I didnt have to take the subway to work today and its a good thing that I dont live in Portland as I might have had to share a seat with this guy. Which reminds me of a little story. Who am I kidding. I have no little stories.

The little story that I told yesterday got me more hits than I’ve gotten in a long time.

That makes me very very happy.

I got close to 500 people reading my tale of the young Black man asking the world to chip in to buy him a Cadillac.

But this is more than just an art project/money making scheme/science experiment/pie in the sky dream. This is going to work.

Thanks to the power of the Internet, if you tell a few friends to, “give that brotha a dollar,” and they tell a few friends, then before we know it, the mission has been accomplished.

Of the 500 people who read my little sales pitch and hopefully got a little laugh I generated a whopping $3.

No offense, but I’ve found more money on the street.

Don’t think that I am not grateful, I am. Rarely can a man just ask for money and receive it, let alone a gas-guzzling American sedan like Cadillac’s Snoop DeVille.

By the way, Muchas Gracias, EW, for the $3 — you’re way too sweet!

As great as it is to get a few bucks here and a few bucks there, the only way that I’m going to get behind the wheel of that brand new automobile is to have people tell others. So here’s how I can figure it can work for everyone:

If you are a friend of mine or someone who has given me a buck or more, and you want to help the cause, feel free to save this button and link it to your site – it’ll be fun!

If you are someone who has flowed me $40 or more, feel free to save this button and link it to your site . For either of these buttons, link your visitors to this page on my site which will explain the whole plan: http://www.tonypierce.com/car/faq.htm

OMG will this be so cool for you and your friends and me and the Chevron station down the block. Once I get the ride, I promise that I will drive around and have occasional showings of the automobile and pictures and stories from the road. You will be so happy, your life will be that much closer to complete. When people try to judge you and say, “but what have you done for the Black man?” you can say, “I bought a brotha a ride, mothafucka! What the hell have you done?”

Go ahead, tell your friends.

Happy President’s Day!


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