Happy Valentine’s Day

to all the ladies.

Anna had a big win on Tuesday in Antwerp, Belgium, unfortunately that meant she had to face Venus on Wednesday. Guess who got stomped.

It’s cool cuz she looked good and not only kept with the same blue outfit, but added some cute little baby blue barrettes.

“I wish you happy valentine, but you don’t deserve it,” she wrote in an email and followed it up with a series of forwarded dirty jokes. She claims that I have hardend my heart to her and I wrote back saying, “Impossible.”

she wrote back and said, “all you ever do is write mean things about me and make fun at me. you never write sweet little details of me any more. you never say that you love me.”

and she was right, of course. i hadn’t.

oh, anna, my mistress from moscow, my…

she said, “don’t call me your mistress.”

i said, oh anna, my loving cup from far above, my turtle dove, my irish creme, my fondest wish, my everything.

then she said, “your beautiful lies are cold to me.”

i said, somethings are better cold, no?

she said not love.

and softly hung up her tiny phone.

happy valentines day, anyway. i wrote on a gum wrapper and attached to a pigeon and whispered in its ear and watched as it flew east.

and i said fly, little bird, fly.

and watched it disappear into the horizon.

hoping that it would avoid the engines of all the jets bound for the same journey.


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