the kids are alright

me and my friend were talking last night while celebrating Jeanine’s birthday. he is a terrific writer and someone who i could easilly find myself collaborating with someday as he is also an accomplished editor, and i am super lazy and sometimes needs lots and lots of help and motivation.

anyway, i was trying to inspire him to write again and here now are two examples on why we should all get our stuff out there, damn to the demons inside us that say we suck.

first there is the case of the twentysomething girlie who flew from Carolina with her best friend to see their favorite band Tsar, and wound up crashing at my house. well one of the girls, it appears got four tattoos, one each of the symbols of each member of Tsar. say all you will about Tsar only selling a few thousand records, one that they sold obviously hit its mark with this gurl and that mark now will last forever.

then there is the very nice Midwesterners, who are putting together a book detailing the effects of 9/11 through people’s emails, web pages, and other correspondences. Apparently these fellows are famous rock and roll insiders of some sort, one managed bands like the New York Dolls, one has been writing about music for 20 years – basically living the lives we all wish we could be living.

Eric, wrote a few emails of praise to me, which always gets a reply, and posted them, with links, on his site this morning.

You never know who’s out there reading your stuff, huh? You might get hot girls from back east, cool guys from the midwest… you might even get sweet souls from the Defense Information Systems Agency. (Just imagine if i actually wrote decently.)

One tip for my pals at DISA, Netscape has newer versions other than 3.0, but now that I think of it, 3.0 is pre-AOL’s buyout of them, so I bet it’s way more stable. So nevermind, carry on.

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