weekend shout-outs:

first mad props to Amy who not only sent in a Playbill from the Broadway play “Proof” (starring Jennifer Jason Leigh, for Ashley), but included a print version of “The Onion” and a lovely letter written on very tasteful letterhead. It’s good to have an adult in my small circle of friends to look up to and try to pattern myself after – who can also drink me under a table. Thank you, Amy.

next comes Ben. Ben has 1, 2, 3 web sites. All good, all worth your time. Nice work, my friend. Let’s all do Ben a favor and click on #1, even though I like #2 a little more.

finally, thanks to Kim, my extremely competent attorney, who is so good at handling my legal affairs that I don’t even have to show up at court any more, she’s worked it so I just pick up the phone every few months and say, “yes, your honor.” and the checks follow weeks later. let’s hope i sell a big time movie script one day, and kim can represent me and get a nice percent. note to self: don’t forget to write a big time script soon.

Tune in early to see Mariah singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl on Sunday. She’ll be the one tastefully dressed who’ll give me a secret wink before she gets into it.

You heard it here first: Rams 45 Pats 12

Kitty’s auction is up to $22, girls can just get away with murder, can’t they? Ashley sold her old boots on there a few weeks ago and they went for more than she got them for: Just Because They Were Worn By A Hot Young Chick! Sheesh.

And don’t forget that tonight (or this morning, if you wanna be specific), right after Last Call, it will be 02:02:02 02/02/02. so do something freaky. like, oh i dont know, flow me two bucks so i can get a sweet ride.

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