yes, changed the look of the blog.

something i wanted to do for a long time and never got around to it.

other than my friends, there are a lot of amazingly weak blogs that get a lot more attention than mine and a lot more hits and i keep thinking that maybe it’s because im not playing on the same field as they are in that i dont use the traditional blogger template(s). oh well. who cares. i do, a tad.

tonight i will work on making the archives look better. be careful with the super old entries – which, of course, blogger chooses to put on the to top – because i was only getting used to this format. still, it’s interesting to see how it all started.

did i like the game last night? no. pats shouldnta even been there. hot chick that i met last night drove me to work this morning and she loves listening to Rush Limbaugh so we were running late and i was forced to listen to his show. and the only thing worse than having the team that you hate winning the Super Bowl, is agreeing with Rush Limbaugh. he, too, it appears, thinks that the Raiders got robbed. Ditto.

saw the game at my lawyer’s spectacular new casa up in the hills of Griffith Park. not only does she have a view of the Hollywood sign, but it’s way bigger in person, than from the cheapseats down in the valley called Hollywood. wonderful friends, good food, nice Sony tv, drinks, bonding. intelligent convo, you know, the usual. makes you wanna hug people and say your prayers a few extra times. im lucky.

Back to the game: Mariah sang beautifully. U2 sang wonderfully. Britney looked good. After the game Mariah called from her suite in the French Quarter and asked if I liked her singing I said, of course. She said that she did too. I said, you know Mariah, I think it took a lot of courage to go do that she said, “thank you.”

I said, Mariah, “Glitter” has sold 2 million copies in 15 weeks and your label dropped you and people think you’re over. She said, “do we have to discuss this?”

I said, “it’s Black History Month, I think it’s a travesty that they’re doing this to you, when over history, there’s been lots of crazy white singers who popped pills, did drugs, and drank and freaked out all over who never got dropped.”

She said, “so you think it’s racism?”

I said, “I don’t know what it is, but let’s go over some of the other big time artists and how many records they sold recently and you tell me if they shoulda got dropped.

Jay-Z had a hit single with “H to the Izzo” off of his “The Blueprint” cd. It’s been out 20 weeks. Only went platinum. One million sold. Regarded as a huge superstar.

Nelly Furtado’s debut album has been on the charts 57 weeks. Over a year. Hyped as the next big thing. Double platinum. Two million sold. Same as you.

Dave Matthews Band “Everyday” is on the radio, commercials, shoved down our throats. Been on the charts 48 weeks. Nearly a year. 3 million sold. “Glitter” will hit 3 million after 48 weeks, bet. DMB is probably the biggest star in all of college radio – whatever that means.

Madonna’s Greatest Hits #2 – songs from the last ten years, has sold one million copiesin 7 weeks. No one is dropping her, well, because she owns the label.

The Backstreet Boys “The Hits” – somehow they came out with a greatest hits album as well just in time for Christmas. Hasn’t even gone gold. Less than .5 million sold. Drop them? Don’t think so. Is one of them crazy drunk? Yes.

J. Lo came out with her record. Good as it was with all those big singles and the videos and the MTV appearences and all that hype It’s been on the charts for 53 weeks. Only 3 million sold. Huh? Yes. Only three million sold. J. Lo was second only to Nicole Kidman as the most successful woman of the year 2001 and she only sold 3 million records.

Which brings us to U2 – huge tour. Lots of singles. Joey Ramone was listening to their record on their death bed. They toured almost all year long. Pay-per-view specials. they have a DVD out of their live concert in Boston from this tour. Fresh off a Grammy win and probably another Grammy – Mariah, they have only sold 3 million records.

Your 2 million records that you sold in the midst of all this hate and bad press shows that not only your fan base is as strong as ever, but maybe stronger than ever.

“Thank you Tony, you’re really a friend.”

Oh don’t thank me, baby. Thank Soundscan and Billboard, cuz in the old days, no one would have admited that they sold any copies of “Glitter”.

“OK, you didnt need to go that far.” she said and lifted her shirt and got some beads.

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