i am feeling like a million bucks.

i cant explain it. perhaps some if it is due to the meds the good doctor gave me, but i doubt it. i have a mighty high tolerance for pain and pain pills and neither gave me much of a buzz, although i did cop a little buzz from the thrill of having my tooth pulled with very little anestesia and two guys holding my head in place while a third smack-talked my molar, “oh, you gonna make this hard, huh?”

they gave me 800 mg of Motrin which I will probably give to my marathon runner friend cuz asprin is asprin i dont care how many MGs are in it.

i just feel good. i am a little jealous that the rest of the country is experiencing 90 degree weather and last night i had on the electric blanket since i am sleeping alone.

i am a little jealous that the rest of the world got to see “The Osbourne’s” last night since I forgot that it was on at 7:30 thanks to my Directv giving me the east coast MTV feed.

And I’m a tad jealous that Luis Gonzalez got $10,000 for his ABC gum (already been chewed) and I havent even gotten one sap to bid $5 for the most disgusting tooth ever.

But I feel good and not even a Sammy Hagar/David Lee Roth tour can bum my day.

My excuse? Well, when people link to me that always makes me happy. A Beam was the first to mention my auction, and even though I have a short list of possible suspects who might be Mr./Ms.Beam, I prefer mysteries and I would rather not know (although the mentions of Mickey Mantle and Ted Williams takes my prime suspect of Emmanuelle out of the running.) Then Ken rolled out of bed and uncorked a bottle of red and got some major traffic over here, gracias, amigo. I think your wife is A.Beam, btw.

Then Jim Treacher of Americas favorite new blog not only linked to me, but included a huge segment of something I wrote during my 15 minute break here at work yesterday (which has since been grammatically edited).

LA’s favorite koreatown dwelling young republican (he probably owns the block) Scott Rubush linked the auction, and that’s so cool you dont even know.

But the best was when Hall of Famer, Eddie Murray included me in his quotelog referencing a line from yesterday’s entry. I don’t know Ed, but I am always flattered when smart people who I havent met not only put me in their list of links, but to be in a quotelog is one of the coolest compliments a hack could get.

Still, those are not the reasons why I’m so happy today.

Infact, now I have forgotten the real reasons, but when I remember I will tell you, as I always do, as I should.

P.S. some kid sent me the new weezer cd (due in stores in May) in the mail saying that he was my number one fan and kid, i am your number one fan, that thing is great.

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