in the last 6 hours

this is the most emailed photograph via Yahoo.

is it that people are making fun of the fact that Cheerios tried to make their patches seem as conspicious as humanly possible? almost like they decided during the last round of the tournament to sponsor whoever was in first place.

im just jealous. i would love a corporate sponsor for the bus blog.

Cadillac? HP? Microsoft?

even though i dont believe in their practices of sweat shops, selling $125 shoes to children, and the billboardization of our culture, i would take a cool million from Nike if they wanted stoke a brotha.

i’d rather be sponsored by someone who i believed in though. Old Style beer. Vans. Directv, Southwest Airlines, Audiogalaxy, Shasta. 99 cent stores.


If i had to play women’s golf and get sponsored by a cereal, i would prefer to wear the patch of Cap’N Crunch or Fruity Pebbles.

The latter would be protested by my fans, though, I would imagine.

Either that or they’d eat it up.

i’m here all week.

Let’s Go Kings.

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