me and chris went to the movies

today at the Grove next to Farmer’s Market. we saw Blade II. it was her second time seeing it. fucking awesome. totally violent, sick, nasty, excellent. perfect music. wesley snipes is perfect in it. whoever the director is is a damn genius. makes it look easy.

afterwards we ate at the farmers market. she had the shrimp louis, i had the shrimp boat. the place was packed. this teenage couple propped themsleves against a post and held each other and pretty much just made out. a dad was there with his two elementary school children and he said approvingly, “im just going to watch you two kiss.” the young couple giggled and looked the other way, but didnt move. after a few minutes they went back to looking in each others eyes and mackin. chris and i ate our entire meal, including her getting up and going over to the crepe place, getting a cup of coffee, finishing it, etc. and when we left they were still making out.

saturday night, what else are you going to do?

heard this young white girl by a payphone tell this black kid, “i could call my mom and have her pick me up, or you could drive me home.” needless to say, they left immediately without picking up the phone.

when we got home we pay-per-viewed “greenfingers,” a british indy about a group of prisoners who become gardeners. really good. funny. believable. great music: springsteen, sting, elton john.

today was 4/20 and all i have to say is, im not that old, and ive seen the berlin wall fall, ive seen the end of communism, ive seen a guy steal the presidency, i saw the raiders get fucked in the playoffs.

when i was a kid we had 9 tv stations to choose from. i saw calculators – simple calculators – get introduced to the world at $175, simple walkmans going for $200.

at my first job i got $3.35/hr – i thought i was the biggest stud when i got a new job that was going to pay me $4 an hour.

ive seen a lot change fast.

marijuana will be legal in my lifetime.

idiocy doesnt last forever.

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