me and karisa went to the laker game

tonight. i dont know what got slipped into our drinks but it kept things schmmoove. the seats were center court and up no one was in front of us for and long way and lots of leg room.

karisas cats are pretty damn close to dying. they wont say these things, but i will.the one cat was foaming at the mouth, the other wasnt eating or drinking,. so we didnt talk about it at the game, but we talked. i think i like talking with her the best of all the nice things that can be done at a laker game.

i was taught insights into dwarfism, giantism. we drank semi cold bottles of mgd and took the subway back and forth.

its karisas birthday next month, you think there would be a giftwish area somewhere on this site for her, but there isnt, ill get back to you when there is one.

things i learned today: theres stuff in the end of your joints that tells your body that its still time to grow. if its not there, its time to stop growing.; when jenna was on wicked and nikki was on vivid, the companies successfully break up thier friendship.

cubs won

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