somebody is gonna

get a sweet ticket to a killer show.

sara has a funny entry today about how her ex’s get happier and lose weight and live better lives after she lets them go free.

i’d show you before-and-after pictures of Jeanine, but it makes me weep. and chris is looking better than ever, so i know how she feels.

She better not break up with Dan because this is what he’ll look like if her luck continues. no, not the bald guy.

Brian Linse hosted the first LA Blogger party and I had never met him before the bash, but i talked to him for a little bit and he told me that he moved to LA with a car and a month’s rent money and nothing else and now he has made it big. I still dont know what he does, but he has a sweet pad and a killer kitchen and apparently enough clout to “make a movie,” which is what he’s doing right now in one of those nutty eastern european countries that I’ve only seen in porn.

I dont know if he’s the Producer, or Exec. Producer or Best Boy or what, but he has a web site that is fascinating that has tons of pictures that show you the upclose and personal behind the scenes stories that we never really get to see on tv.

I’ve got to find out what sort of camera he’s using because I might just give up on the Snoop DeVille and invest in that instead.

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