tsar plays tonight

it’s a semi secret show so only tell your closest friends.

but here’s the catch. its a super early bird special time.

apparently theres a certain record exec that wants to look the boys over before he hands them a wheelbarrow full of moola, and you know these characters, they go to bed early even though theyre in the rock and roll business, so when you go to the Dragonfly tonight, get there by 8:30 and definately not after 9pm or you’ll miss the best band in america as they play mostly new tunes.

It’s 21 and over unless you’re from Boston and you’re accompanied by your mom.

The Dragonfly is conveniently located at 6510 Santa Monica Blvd. in Hollywood.

On an entirely unrelated note, since no one bought it and since i got a bunch of emails about it, I have put Wizzy the wisdom tooth back on the auction block. Bid away DNA collectors and tooth lovers, and those looking for Lisa Lopes morgue photos in vivid color detail.

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