four fourty five

last day of the holiday weekend. i have made some strides towards this proposal.

bought a new chair at best buy with chris. $75, very comfortable, but it has armwrests which i think was what i really needed the most.

the camera exchange was a lie. i felt pretty upset because i have spent an inordinate amount of time on the salesfloors of consumer electronics stores and the man flat out told me that if anything went wrong they would exchange it for a new one (a practice they do for cell phones, printers, walkmans’s etc.) if i bought the extended warranty. turns out it was a service warranty. they agreed that it took blurry pictures and stupid me i left the cam at the store for them to repair it, forgetting that im going on vacation in three weeks, and rarely are items repaired and returned in 21 days.

the hitman thinks i should drum up a collection for a new camera. he has a pretty good arguement. he says everyone likes the photo essays and people would like to see more of them.

id feel weird asking for something like that when there are people like kat who has kids and cant even pay her electric bill. shouldnt your generosity go to someone more deserving, or are you solely interested in seeing clearer pictures of tinseltown and all the gorgeous ladies who cross my path?

i know my job isnt to save the world. there was a time i thought that was my role.

now im starting to see that it is to show you this little corner of the world: which is hot as hell today, let me tell you.

so i put together the chair, i fixed the keyboard platform, and i wasted much of the day watching both ends of the cubs/brewers double header. right now the second game is nearly over, its the cubs 17-3 so i think they’ll be okay.

meanwhile there are three cameras that i am interested in. all under $500. one super tiny for ultra stealthy sneaky pics, which im sure you all like. so heres how i can do this and feel okay about it. heres a paypal link for a camera fund. i will put a tally on the left hand side, but no thermometer. it feels very weird to ask for things with people who are unemployed not being able to raise fundages, but on the other hand, the readers of this blog should be allowed to donate for things that they will be the direct beneficiaries of.

im very confused.

if i get enough for any of the three cameras a few days before the vacation, i will go and buy the new camera.

maybe there are 25 guys who feel like flowing $25. maybe theres someone who wants to make it totally easy and just pluck one off my amazon wishlist.

i’ll link the sites who give $25 or more.

why not.

but now i must adjourn to the proposal that will change the world.

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