this carpal is ridiculous

all i wanted to do this weekend was draw up a little proposal and throw down a sweet little photo essay about greg’s art opening.

but my home computer set up is killing me so right now im gonna get driven to best buy where i can find a proper chair and maybe that will solve all my problems. lets hope so.

i sorta deserve this pain that im in right now, at greg’s art opening i feel like i made a faux pas with my bro dan, i feel like i embarrased the best drummer of all, and i feel horrible that my camera has a really hard time taking good pictures of beautiful people.

so at best buy we’re gonna see if theyre gonna make good on their satisfaction guarantee for the cameras. if they do then you’ll see a much higher quality photo essay for your ass.

since the month of august is over, i am happy to say that we have raised $695 from the thermometer.

my mom’s blahblahblah birthday is this month in aruba, her birthplace, and airfare there is $675, so basically you good people flowed me airfare and a few round of drinks, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. i really wouldnt have been able to go without you.

my sister scored us a few rooms at a local resort that is a no-name place but swears to have an Internet conference room where i can upload pics and update my blog, so thats what i plan on doing.

also, my brother in law who flies all around the world has a ton of frequent flier miles and can bump me up to first class, so in a way you guys got me round trip first class tickets for my summer vacation/early birthday/mom’s birthday/new neice celebration fiesta.

and for that i will be eternally grateful.

for those of you who wanted to give but tuned in too late, or were holding out to give to a better, more deserving person, you might want to direct your attentions to kat, who could use some flowage.

now i’m off to hide in an airconditioned movie palace as its starting to get hot in hollywood.



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