gamboa had it coming.

i cant get into particulars here, but trust me when i tell you that it was no accident that of all the players on the field, the umpire, the fans, there was a reason that my brother and his cousin took off their shirts, hopped the fence, and tore down the right field line to the first base coaches box at him, obviously risking arrest, or at the least, ejection from the fine stadium on west thirty fifth.

no one is so innocent.

perhaps he was involved in some hijinks behind the scenes that led to last night’s public thrashing.

maybe he was just a victim.

my partner lenny doesnt believe that any of us are victims. that we are totally responsible for the things in our lives that cross our paths. i think lennys been smoking too much of the wacky tobbacky. what about train wrecks, i ask him.

the creator put all the people whose times were up and loaded them on a train, he says.

what about the young ones, i ask.

sometimes young ones have to go, he says.

what about the babies, i ask. i hate lenny.

sometimes the babies are just undercover angels, he says. and i dont hate him so much, any more.

so i dont know why gamboa got his last night. but he did. i dont think he got it all that bad, cuz the whole royal team came out to help him, and the team doctor looked him over right afterwards. nomal people dont ever have anyone help them, then they gotta wait two hours in the emergency room waiting room to see some kid doctor who doesnt know shit anyhow, and then you gotta pay a $50 copay.

gamboa didnt have to pay any copay.

he got off easy.

Lefty Tony says gamboa got off easy. and i’d say it again.

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