in honor of America’s #1 movie

tony went to a real life black barbershop last night in the hood.

everyone was black except the half black guy who was trying to be super black who had a huge tattoo on his chest a real black guy in chains raising his hands to the sky (not pictured).

tony sat down, the guy picked out his ‘fro and said, “so what are we doing, brotha?”

tony said cut half of it off.

dont ever tell a barber at a barbershop to do anything other than “trim” a ‘fro or they’ll shave it all off.

the remains of tony’s ‘fro is about a quarter inch high, all the way around. he looks like sammy davis jr. during his non-afro days.

i think he looks good. ashley thinks he looks good. she came over last night. i got lost for a while.

funny thing happened at the babershop.

the barbers were playing some neojazz funk stuff. you could tap your feet to it, but i didnt know the lyrics. neither did tony.

then the cd stopped and one of the barbers put in a mix tape of old school jams. these are all young barbers in their 20s. me and tony fit right in.

they start talking about the songs as theyre singing along.

tony’s barber asked him, “whoo… you like DeBarge?”

tony said, “not particuliarilly.”

barber says, “who do you like then?”

he said, “rock.”

barber said, “you mean like Poison.”

tony just laughed.

i went to get a slice from across the street.

when i came back they were all singing “shook me all night long” acapella.

someone had their dog at the barber shop. the dog tried to sing with the guys. all he did was howl till someone slapped him in the back.

it didnt hurt. he was a big dog.

he looked at the guy. licked his chops. then layed down on the floor like a good dog.

the charge was $20 to get a ‘fro cut. tony gave the guy $30, then we hopped in the ride and flew home.

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