Fuck ’em

(Akshen/Lil J/Willie D)


“Fuck em, fu-fu-fuck fuck em all”

“I bury those cockroaches”

“What’d they ever do for us?”

“I bury those cockroaches”

“Fuck you, mang!”

[Willie D]

I gotta bone to pick cause I’m sick

Of you motherfuckers talkin shit

We pick you up, you put us down and I’m mad

Time to talk about your dog ass


Jealous motherfuckers it seems wanna suck a dick

“How do you do em?” Fuck em up like a cardiac

So if your curious get a blood donor

Cause I’mma fuck you up so bad, that you’re momma won’t know ya

I pity the fool who diss the mastermind of wreckin shit

Now let me tell ya somethin bitch

Get yaself headstone and a box of pine

Cause when I catch up with ya, ya ass is mine

The line is drawn, word is bond

The motherfuckers who crossed it are dead and gone.

Punk motherfuckers gonna suck a dick


[Bushwick Bill]

“Yeah money”


what you think about this bullshit?

[Bushwick Bill]

Fuck those unknown motherfuckers

With a 10 foot pole that can’t touch us

Before the Geto Boys came around

You can’t front their clout, H-town was no town

Yeah we know you still skeptic

Cause we ain’t kissin no God damn ass to be accepted

And if you’re waitin on that to happen sucka

You’ll be a waitin motherfucker.

Shit outta luck, stuck and got fucked

Fo’s up to those who down with us

And to you other mothafuckas in the atmosphere

I’m sayin fuck you loud and clear


[Bushwick Bill]

Radios, newspapers, TVs

Spreadin lies across the seven seas

Many people thought we couldn’t endure

Niggaz are buyin now they ain’t so sure

“Billboard” has us check out our status

I don’t understand you hoes, whats the matter

[Willie D]

The motherfuckers are sick

Constipated, cold fulla shit

They tried to keep us off the market

Straight up hoe shit, they had to stock it

My bank don’t pat no monkeys

Cause I kick mo’ ass than a donkey

I gotta pump but I will jump

Yous a punk or a one-on-one ya run to the trunk

If you’re motherfuckin fear looks at you

I’m Willie D and I came to say, Fuck you!

Fuck you has been stated by the underground master

Show me a hacidity bitch and I’ll blast her

Fuck you is what ourselves should do

And spit on ya nasty ass when I’m through

You don’t like me, cause what ya see is a figure

I’m a for real ass nigga

I won’t iron your clothes or pay rent at your place

There ain’t a damn thing baby about my face

[Bushwick Bill]

The whole faculty’s on crack

You say I can’t wear my hat, but yo, fuck that

You call yourself teacher, but whats bein taught?

How to fuck kids and not get caught?

How can your teacher reach ya

They’re too busy in the halls tryin to fuck the other teachers.

[Ready Red]

Fuck the motherfuckin critics,

Fuck newspapers

Fuck the radio stations

And fuck your parents against rap

We buried ya fuckin cockroaches

[Willie D]

To every motherfucker who diss my crew

I’m sayin fuck you, now what you hoes wanna do?

I got an arsenal in my Blazer for instance

Some shit that’ll shake the ground so keep ya distance

Parents confiscate my tapes

Sendin letters and shit talkin bout how they hate

The album controversy’s they’re rebellin

I don’t give a fuck cause the shits still sellin

So this is how the D’ll respond

I’mma cuss my ass off for your daughters and sons

And if you don’t like it, spouse,

You can suck my dick until your lips fall off

I’ve had it up to here with this bullshit

To each I preach without a pulpit

Calls I don’t do, nails I don’t chew

Whenever I fix my mouth to say, FUCK YOU

[Al Pacino]

“I bury those cockroaches”

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