pretty pass the prissy missies

marching down the marble hall. its model day at the xbi, i don’t know what we do with these girls but i see them every few months and then i don’t. im sure its for a set up here or a fakeout there.

nothing distracts criminals, who are normally men, than a beautiful woman who suddenly pays attention to them.

ive never had to use a model before and now that im in chopper one i have even less use for them, which is good. cuz it is a double edged sword, you know.

a few months back. could it be a year? wow, i guess it was nearly a year ago. one of the models spotted me when i still was working at a desk.

tony pierce?


the bus blogger?

no, im the other one.

she said, no you’re not, you’re The one. god, i really love your stuff i totally didn’t even think that you were serious about really working at the xbi but wow, here you are and stuff.

i looked around my cubicle and i said, yep. this is it.

so do you type your blog here on this computer?

no, i do it at home at night and then during my breaks i edit it.

what’s the best thing about being a blogger, tony?

the social status.

what’s the worst thing?

when people meet you and get to know you, they see the real side, and usually they don’t like it and then they blow you off and then its sad.

i would never blow you off.

i know you wouldn’t. now please. don’t tell anyone i really work here.

want to have drinks tonight?

i don’t drink.

oh come on, a shot of rum?

she was tall and lean. short hair. i like it better long. she had a suede skirt on. i remember that so well because it made me think that they do zero physical labor. here i had been on the streets where you get splinters, cuts, bruises, broken bones, shot at, all sorts of things in your shoes, in your hair, and there were people at the same office who were serious about their suede skirts.

maybe at the christmas party you can feel me up, i said, and went back to typing.

to you.

funny how the marble rolls this way then that then stops then picks up speed from an invisible hand and rolls

right off the edge.

only to be licked at by a dog who will swallow it and not choke


for God loves dogs and he loves us even more.

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