hi anna, nice dress.

this is the dress i would like to elope with you in.

people dress up to elope?

sure, all the time.

do i hafta get dressed up too?

it’s our elopement, i’d hope you wouldnt wear that gwar shirt.

actually anna, i would like a big huge fairytale wedding. i have a lot of friends.

i know, but weddings are a hassle. trust me. you dont want to be in the middle of it all.

you really want to marry me?


where would you want to elope?


you know why i love you, anna?

why sweetie?

when you say vegas, you dont say “vegas, baby.”

why would i say that?

marry me, baby.


where shall we honeymoon?

doesnt matter. im not letting you leave the room.

can we order room service?

all day, all night.



so why do i need to dress up.

gotta give the ‘ratzi some good photo love.

always thinking, sweet angel.


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