christina aguilera was in town to film some vh-1 thing

at the olympic auditorium in downtown LA.

when i got home from the movies i got in a little fight with ashley. around two a.m. the phone rang and i thought it was her, so i said “what!” and it was christina.

wanna try that again?

oh its you. baby.

thats better.

whats going on my little dirrty girl?

just drunk, half naked, tired, sore, thinking of you.

aw, sweetie.

i was thinking that i dont know what you want for christmas and you know how things go, i should find that out now and get it to you before i forget.


i really wanna pull an affleck and buy your momma a car, but then i realized that you dont have a car.

buy my momma one, im good.

you dont have to tell me your good. seriously, what can i get you?

you know what i really want christina aguilera, i want to see if i can get 100 new links before christmas.

you dont want to have sex with me?


our sex wasnt good?

of course it was. but i think ive had the best sex i’ll ever have and so i’m not so concerned about that any more.

so you want what again?

links. i want 100 people who have never linked me to link me before christmas.

how many new links do you normally get a month.


wow. im not sure that will be do-able.

one thing you’ve taught me, my lil mousekateer is that anything is do-able.

good point.

what do you want for christmas, christina.

you to be my boyfriend.

ok, i’ll tell you what, if i get 100 new links by christmas then i’ll be your boyfriend.


yes, i promise.

and you’ll forget about all these other hos?

well i cant promise that i’ll forget about them, but i will be your man.

and you wont write about mariah?

if thats whats gonna make you happy.

ok, it’s on. how many new links have you gotten so far, tony?


1. trueboy

2. insignificance

3. gabe anderson

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