jenny yeah got me on instant messenger last night

and asked me to take down the link to her site because she was getting too much traffic and it was messing with her chi.

i said fuck your chi.

but i did as i was asked and took down her name and link and put up the boing boing link, which is in the spot where the auction-winning link will go.

lots of hits can affect the way that you write and for jenny i have this bit of advice, dont pay any attention to the spikes when they come. if you do pay attention, only pay attention to why you are getting the hits and how many they are, but when it comes to writing put aside any thought about hits whatsoever.

what i do is i pretend that only one person is reading what i write. normally i think that karisa is the only person reading this.

i know that hundreds and hundreds are reading this, but if i think about that it would alter what i write.

i know that my family is probably reading this, and if i think about that, it would definately alter what i write.

one way to keep it real, jenny, is to write stuff that youre too self-conscious to write.

for example, i love my mom with all my heart, but she doesnt like it when i swear. therefore if i feel like im selling out because im afraid she might be reading that day, i make sure to say fuck a few times.


this wont really stop her from reading, but it balances out things so that i can get back to writing to karisa.


dodger ace sandy koufax said that the key to pitching is relaxation and concentration. i think the same could be said to writing on your blog.

i relax with a generous portion of rum. mc brown has gotten me into captain morgan’s spiced rum.

i think the relaxation part is simple.

the concentration part is a little tougher, and thats where your audience of one situation comes in. nobody gets nervous writing a letter to a good friend, and when you write those letters they usually end up focused and direct and good.

if you are trying to write to a huge mass of people who’s devoted readership is important to you, youre going to run into trouble.

spikes are spikes. most of those people will never come back to you. never. thats not a sad thing, its normal. think about how many sites and blogs you go to every day and how many you return to.

people arent going to stay. dont be sad. be liberated.

but also know that some will stay. and they’ll stay because of the general way that you write, not because of anything special you write that day where everyone is coming.

dont be afraid, jenny yeah. youre a good blogger. you have good design. if that picture is really you, youre a hot babe.

im sure your chi is fine regardless of how many clicks get sent your way from the busblog.

jenny + jenny’s photo gallery

dear readers of boing boing,

so many of you have written in and asked me so many questions that i have decided to answer them all here in this post. if you have any other questions feel free to put them in the comment box. thanks.

my name is tony pierce, but very little else on here is true.

i work for a rouge group of superheroes who were former fbi agents that is secretly called the xbi. based in the city of angels we fight crime and keep the stolen goods and cash and give some of the proceeds to the victims and the poor. but mostly we keep them.

i fly a black helicopter called chopper one thats the baddest motherfucker youve never seen. its fast, its furious, its quiet, and its unable to be seen on most radar. most of this blog is done from a palm pilot that i speak into which is then uploaded at the touch of a button. thats why the grammar isnt worth shit and the spelling is fuct. if it werent for the spell check in Blogger Pro i doubt any of this would be eligible even to the most talented physic.

the blog is called the busblog because even though i have a flying car, i take the los angeles public transportation to work. namely the metro rail subway and the mta bus system. this allows me to collect my thoughts for the hectic days and decompress so i can enjoy my long cold nights alone in my bachelor pad in the hollywood hills.

i am 109 years old, im african american but mostly american, i am a libra, and yes ladies, i am single.

my hobbies include short walks on the beach, holding hands, and watching my favorite rock group Tsar with all of my friends.

i try not to write too much about the girls that i date, but i have been known to write about a special nba cheerleader who has the hots for me, several ex-girlfriends who i have the hots for, and a certain russian tennis star named anna who is a gemini – my astrologicial match.

xeni wrote about me in boing boing last night and for that i am quite flattered. called this blog “well trafficked” which might be true, but the Instapundit gets literally 100x the hits that i get, so i consider that well trafficked. regardless, i do have a Stat Tracker that i leave public for this page because it’s pretty accurate and i think it might be interesting for people to see how i get my 800-1,000 hits a day. usually it’s from lots and lots of little blogs, although today is a rare exception.

i love blogging and it is exciting to be with you here in the beginning of this revolution, and because of that i want to share any information that i might be able to have. to me all of this could be considered a grand experiment. this blog certainly is.

as xeni wrote, currently im experimenting with an ebay auction where im auctioning off a link from this blog. i did a similar experiment a little over a year ago where i made $15. back then i was getting about 300-400 hits a day. so now with the advent of Blogshares which speculates what an outgoing link is worth, monetarilly, i decided to dust off the ebay auction idea to see how close they were to reality.

another art project science fair thing im doing is seeing how many of the 1,000 people a day will donate $10 to me so i can buy a car. right now after almost three months ive raised about $600. i think thats pretty good. but its far from the $20,000 that would get me a new car. the purpose isnt to actually get a car, its to get a car simply from asking people who enjoy this blog. if i wanted a car i could just keep one of the many that we at the xbi confiscate from the bad guys we bust.

but i dont do that. the total amount of funds i keep from the xbi amounts to about $30k a year. all the rest i give to charity, bums, and the united negro college fund. i do that because i dont like blood money and i want to go to Heaven when i die.

i’d write more about myself, but right now i have to catch a bus.

my dream job would be to travel the world, blogging about the cool people i meet, ideally for my local paper the Los Angeles Times.

ive also been known to do “funny” photo essays.

at the bottom of my posts i like to link cool sites

boing boing + my best friend is on the main post of reverse cowgirl sitting next to my lawyer + the front of my web site usually has something interesting on it.