hi america, did you miss me?

i missed you too. this morning at the xbi was ca-rrrraaazzzyy let me tell you.

but enough about me. lets talk about you.

i hear you went to see Maria McKee last night at the world famous roxy on the fabulous sunset strip. God im so jealous.

did you have pre-show drinks next door at the Rainbow with two of my ex-girlfriends and my lawyer on the patio being served by hands down the hottest bartendress of all time. think blonde, super cute face, huge implants, betty page hairdo but blonde remember, hairnet, and the lowest hanging jeans youve ever seen. definate butt crack cleavage action which i never thought would be cute, but alas, its cute.

anyway what did you order from this bartendress? i would have started with a double baileys with a little creme on ice. but if she was that hot, i bet i would have ordered one and then another, and then maybe some water. and then maybe asked her where the mens room is, even though you know theyre upstair, past karisa at the ms pacman.

and then i woulda ordered a beer when jeanines sister and crazy friend showed up.

i hear Maria was good. im not in love with her new cd but im still in love with her. people were asking me about her way back during the lone justice days (when she was blonde) and i would say that she was a cross between janis joplin and dolly parton. nice combo if you can get it. and now i would add that she looks like a younger grace slick with her dark hair and wild eyes.

can she still sing her damn ass off? did she do that tune off the Pulp Fiction soundtrack? the one where she whistles? fucking a i love that one.

anyhow, i bet you had a great time.

get any?

50. kay

steph and lola (pictured) amuse me + Quinn likes Raymi + tc 210 has my back + and Shift is the shi*t + as is jaded girl